Meet the Family

Hello & Welcome!


I want to introduce you to my family and tell a little about each of us!!  For starters, we have a very large, close extended family that won’t be introduced but plays a large role in maintaining our sanity during this chaotic time in our life.  A good support systems is so important, but that’s another post all together!

Back to introductions!


Hey, I’m Bekah!

I enjoy watching Shimmer & Shine, wiping bottoms, listening to babies fuss, cleaning up after messy littles and so much more!  At least these are the things you would think I love from my daily activities, and don’t get me wrong I might have enjoyed 1 episode of Shim Shine.

Let’s get real.  For fun  cooking, champagne, organizing (Once I’m tired of looking at the clutter), making nick names for everyone and everything! LOVE being super silly with my girls and husband, I enjoy pranks and making up silly little jingles to get my girls to sleep and especially weekends with the fam.


My Husband, Rush.

He’s the man of the house and has a special relationship with each of his little girls.  Doesn’t it make you love your man so much more to see him loving on his children.   Rush is a Veteran, he loves baseball, football, Pabst, rough housing with the girls, and loves everything ‘Merica!


Meet My Girls.


Our first born baby girl!  She is an individual through and through, and makes me and her dad proud every day.  Even if it’s just by pee peeing in the potty!  Belle likes being tickled, reading books, dancing, singing, telling silly stories and asking for the tablet 1 million times a day.


Miss Lou.

My middle child, my loving, caring, sensitive little girl.  She is everything that is sweet. Lou puts up with her sisters taking her toys and pulling her hair and just takes it all in stride.  She is very silly and makes the cutest little crunched nose faces!  She is momma’s girl through and through!


Our sweet little PK!

Miss PK is the baby of our family and is the typical youngest child.  She is the most adventurous of our girls and tries things her big sisters would never think to attempt!! She is the smallest of all our girls but has the biggest attitude, always smiling and being silly and makes the cutest excited faces! She is a daddy’s girls, for sure!


Each of our girls are special in their own way and make loving on them so easy… most of the time.  I never thought we’d have children, much less three precious daughters but we are truly so lucky to be the parents to these crazy ones!  I cannot wait to see what our future holds!

Now that we’ve been introduced, tell me about your family & your support system!