How My Family of 5 Happily Lives In 900 Square Feet!

Is a BIGGER home really better?

Why do we as parents have it ingrained in our head that a newborn needs their own room?  My family of FIVE live in a lovely two bedroom home and it’s been a wonderful experience! I wouldn’t have it any other way!  But whenever I talk to moms-to-be and new moms their biggest financial concern is always upgrading to a larger home to make room for the baby.  I am here to tell you it’s not necessary!  We all are in the mindset that a bigger home is better and it’s not true.  A bigger means more mess AND especially more mischief for your littles to get into! Smaller is simpler, and simple is wonderful with three littles running around!

Preparing to Bring Three Babies into 900 Square Feet!

We bought our two bedroom home when our oldest daughter, Belle was 5 weeks old.  It was the perfect size for our family of three and a wonderful starter home!  We started trying for a second child when my daughter was 9 months old (crazy, right?!).  We assumed it would take at least a year to get pregnant. To our surprise shortly after Belle’s first birthday we found out we were pregnant! YAY!  We started looking for a new home immediately.  With the mindset that  we needed more space, and each girl would need their own room.  Then, halfway through the pregnancy we got a big surprise!  The baby at our 10 week ultrasound and the heartbeat we heard at 14 weeks had turned to TWO!  We were having twins! 

This changed EVERYTHING.  We stopped searching for a new home.  I was very adamant about not changing anything financially.  We had no idea what new expenses the twins would bring!  A single baby was no concern but TWO, that scared the hell out of me!  I worried that one or both babies would need more hospital care, medical costs would be higher, and they could have health problems we were unaware of.  I did not want to change anything until after they arrived and we had an idea of the financial change.  Not to mention I was planning to become a stay-at-home mom when the twins arrived.  Otherwise I would be working just to pay their daycare bills. Absolutely insane!  But we have always been a two income household and were going down to one AND upping our expenses! A new home was not in the cards at this time and I’m sooo happy it wasn’t! We hunkered down and prepared to bring two more babies into our cozy two bedroom home!

What changed my mindset?

Before the twins arrived I was on bedrest as most twin moms are, and we moved in with my parents to have around the clock help with my toddler! This decision was a life-saver! My family stepped up and helped in anyway I would let them.  This move also confirmed my decision to stay in our home was the right one!  My parents home is around 2,000 square feet.  My toddler was ALL OVER THE PLACE!  Running up the stairs, through the kitchen, in the family room, in the living room and sometimes I’d see her when she ran into my room.  Toys were EVERYWHERE!!  We had puzzle pieces in the family room and the rest of the puzzle was upstairs.  It drove me crazy!  Then the twins were born.  We stayed at my parents house another 4 weeks until I was recovered enough to move home.  Let it be said, my husband was a HUGE help through all of this but we were both a little overwhelmed with the new babies and a toddler and being beyond tired!  I think all the space only added to the chaos and the mess.  My toddler was running a muck and loving all the space.  I could not wait to get home and be able to watch my toddler from almost any room in the house.

Once we transitioned home our twins slept in our room in a bassinet for the first few months, then we transitioned all the girls in one room!!  Room sharing was the only option and we made it work! Check out this article to hear all about our room sharing experiences!

Let’s talk about some of the positives of living in a small home as a family of 5!

Less Clutter!

When you have 5 people living in 900 square feet you cannot hold onto clutter!  It’s honestly one of my favorite things about living in a small home!   We get in the mindset of “needing” all these possessions that we rarely use or never actually need.  Even with newborn twins, we didn’t need two of everything! They rarely liked the same toys or one would like the swing and one liked the bouncer.  In a little home you have to keep the necessities and things that bring you joy, then get rid of the rest! I LOVE this.  Clutter has always caused me anxiety.  I am more than happy going through and just getting rid of things that are no longer used.  Sure I have to go through the house once a month and get rid of things that have collected.  I believe it’s good for the soul!


Fewer Chances for Mischief!

Our home has an open kitchen and living room.  I love this because I can see what my toddler and infants are doing while I’m cooking or doing the dishes.  I have eyes on my girls throughout the day. I can still hear them if they go play in their room.  Plus we anchored heavy items to the wall so all I have to worry about it the mess that is being made.  It’s sooo much easier now that I have three mobile ones to only have so much space for them to explore.  Sure we go to their Mimi and Papa’s and they have all the room in the world but they also get into SOO MUCH MORE stuff!  Keep it small, keep it simple! Especially because nothing else is simple in our lives right now.


Easier to watch the children.  

I LOVE that there are 4 basic rooms to hang out, living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms (obviously the bathroom is off limits!).  It makes watching these mobile wild ones soo much easier on this momma! I would suggest anchoring the dressers to the wall.  It gives you peace of mind, and they have more freedom to play in their room. Who knows maybe you could even get the laundry folded!


Less Clean up.

I cannot stress the importance of this one enough! We as moms already have sooooooo much stuff to clean! From the dishes, to the clothes, to the floors, to the fans. It’s ridiculous.  The last thing you need it a 1,000 piece puzzle spread between six rooms.  Hopefully that never happens to you.  The point is kids make messes!  First thought is teach them to clean up early.  But the beauty of small spaces is less mess.  They may get out all their toys and usually they do! But clean up isn’t bad. We only keep toys in the living room and their bedroom, both are cleaned up before they go to bed (in a perfect world!). Then the next morning we start it all again!


Promotes Family Togetherness.

I love having a small home, brings us closer together.  We cook together, we clean together, andt sometimes the girls bathe together.  I especially love hearing my girls giggling and crawling down the hall to their room to play together.  Sure they fight, like siblings do.  But in a small home you’re in each others space most of the time and it’s great!  The girls are creating a bond with one another and I don’t think it would be the same if they each had a room they could retreat to when one sister was bothering them. We have to work through the pestering and them annoying each other.  And for the most part they get along great!


I love the bond that has been created in the four walls and I couldn’t imagine it being any stronger!  I’m sure at some point we will purchase a larger home but for now this home has our hearts!


I’d love to hear about your experiences raising babies in whatever size home!!

14 thoughts on “How My Family of 5 Happily Lives In 900 Square Feet!

  1. I have to say that there are so many more factors to it than this. I have 5 kids – a girl, then 2 boys, then a girl, and then a boy. So, I store clothes for between sizes because there is no way I am buying all new clothes for each kid. Winter outerwear/boots/rainboots/sandals are shared between kids as well. My kids do not have giant wardrobes but there are easily 15 plastic storage totes just for things they put on their bodies. Storage takes up a lot of space! Then, you have toys – I keep cutting down and cutting down on toys – for age range between 13 and 3 – there has to be a range of toys suitable to the age range – again, storage! While I get family togetherness, people do need a little space to get away from each other. We had a 1600 square foot 3 bedroom house (so 3 kids in one room, 2 in the other with 1 tiny closet for all 5 kids to share (2 feet wide!)). The layout was a little odd, so not all of the space was useable (ie. a bigger laundry room than we needed but a tiny office space (5 x 8) for our school stuff and a large master bedroom but one bedroom was tiny) . So, we were constantly on top of each other and stepping over all the things of daily life – plus we homeschool – so there are always 6 people in the house all the time! My sanity couldn’t take it anymore. We have moved to a 2600 square foot house – which is bigger than we need but it’s not like there are many houses out there that perfectly fit what you need in the location you need. So, while we now have more space than we really need, I am still constantly getting rid of things and streamlining things and working towards a more minimal house, but, really, 7 people and their minimal amount of stuff still takes up room! It is a stage of life! You have 3 kids close in age, so there would be minimal extra storage and it would be simple to keep age appropriate toys because your kids are so close in age and all girls! Plus, they are little right now and their things are little – wait until they are older, their things are bigger, and they want more say in their belongings. It was only the last couple years that I felt we had outgrown our space. I loved our little house when it worked for us but it doesnt work anymore.

    1. Hi! Thanks for checking out three babies under two!!
      I love hearing different perspectives on my post and sooo appreciate your opinon. I do not think living in a smaller home is for everyone. I simply wanted to share why I love it so much and the perks of a smaller space. The pros completely outweigh the cons for me and my family. Finding storage can be tricky. We have to get rid of items/clothes that are no longer being used to keep our need of storage to a minimum.
      I completely agree that having my girls close together probably does make living in a small home easier!
      Thanks soo much for your input and check back soon for new posts!

  2. Another plus- smaller spaces are AMAZING for the environment and shrinking your impact. You buy less stuff and shift your mindset about it.

    1. Heyy Barbara!
      Thanks so much for checking out my post! I completely agree a smaller home is amazing for the enviroment. Just another perk to keeping life simple! 🙂 Thanks for your input and please check back soon!

  3. We have a rather smaller home too and I love it. It perfect for our family of three and all the points you made here are so accurate! Less mess, the family is always together and I can keep an eye on my daughter from pretty much any room!

    1. Hii Jennifer! So glad you checked out my post, I would highly recommend downsizing!! You would be surprised how many things you can get rid of and never need again! Let me know if you do downsize how you like it!!

  4. The bigger the home the bigger the mess. My kids are constantly making the biggest mess ever. Toys are constantly in the living room even though I cleaned up 10 minutes ago. I tell me daughter please play in your room Im trying to clean. It’s like I told her the opposite. hahahaha

    1. Hey Ericka!! Thanks for checking out my post! I understand about cleaning up and your little one getting things right back out! Haha, ohhhh kids. One thing we do to keep the mess to a minimum is cycle through our toys. We’ll take half and box them up and switch them out monthly. It really helps us keep a handle on the mess. Plus the kids get to alternate their toys and actually play with all of them!

  5. I admire you for looking at the bright side of a small home! Our family of 5 just sold our 1000sq ft home to get more space. We tried so hard to make it work! And i think we would have if we only had one income, too. I don’t blame you for staying!

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