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Few things are more fun than buying baby items during pregnancy and planning for you little one.  But few things are worse than that item not working as expected!!   Having three babies I have purchased many baby items and only a few have absolutely failed at making my life easier.  Because that’s why we buy baby items, to keep our babies happy so mom and dad are happy!   All of these items have been purchased for my girls in the last 2 years.  I broke this list into three important items: baby monitors, high chairs and crib mobiles and the best and worst for each!

Check out this post if you’re looking for a list of high quality newborn essentials! This article may contain affiliate links.

The BEST & WORST Baby Items

Baby Monitor.

It’s one of the most important baby items you will purchase.  This is your link at night to your baby and their safety while sleeping.




  • Motorola Baby Monitor.  This monitor is lacking in clarity, and functionality.  The picture is very grainy and difficult to make out features, making it utterly useless.  There were many, many night I reached for it and knocked it over because of its odd shape.  The stand for the monitor detaches (why?!) and breaks off easily making the monitor only lay and not stand.  Not very useful. The only feature I did like was the zoom feature. In zoom you can go much further than the original screen.  I would not recommend this monitor. It’s probably less frustrating to get an audio monitor than purchase this one and make a guess at what you’re seeing on the monitor.

Motorola MBP421 Video Baby Monitor with 1.8-Inch Color LCD Screen and Infrared Night Vision (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


The High Chair.

I’ve heard so many positive things about many high chairs, but you rarely hear the ones people hate.  I’m here to tell you I have utter disdain for one and when you see the list of negatives you’ll understand why.


  • Fisher Price Space Saver. The high chair straps securely to most chairs, making it a space saver and the perfect height for your dinning table.  The cushion easily detaches and can be tossed in the washing machine, and everything can be wiped clean easily.  I love the simplicity of the design and that it’s useful from infants to toddlers.  It’s a comfortable high chair that can be reclined or positioned up right.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Luminosity


  • Cosco Simple Fold High Chair.  For starters,the cover does not detach from the high chair.  This blows my mind, it’s a chair for babies and messes beyond your wildest dream.  Ours is covered in baby food stains, because cleaning the baby after eating is my priority not scrubbing the chair after EACH MEAL.  The cover has 3 screws on EACH side and MANY more obstacles to get it removed. It would be an all day affair and I’m not sure it would ever come off. Such a disappointment.  Another negative is the odd sitting position of the seat. My girls immediately slouch down as soon as they get in the chair.  It is by far my least favorite item purchased.  I would rather spend an extra $15 or $20 and get a chair that is functional!

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair, Elephant Squares


Crib Mobiles

We love our crib mobiles!  My girls like the ones with songs and lights, we use them before bed to help them drift to sleep, during the night when they wake and in the mornings! Our mobiles get used and I expect them to work like mobiles should.


  •  Tiny Love Mobile. The music plays continuously for up to 40 minutes! Plenty of time for my littles to drift off to sleep. The mobile gives you two light options, either a dim center light or a brighter center and top light. There is also a volume control, so the music can be very quite or loud.  We have used this mobile for over 2 years now and cannot find one thing wrong with it! My toddler loves it, her little sisters love it!! It’s the best mobile!
    Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile



  • VTech Baby Bear Projector.  I was soo excited to get this little guy, and boy was I disappointed.  The bear hooks to the side of the crib with a plastic pull through latch, not very secure at all.  The music plays for maybe 2 minutes then it switches to a quiet annoying chirping.  It’s not soothing in any way.  There have been multiple times I search the girls room for the annoying quiet sound that is consistently going off and it’s always this bear.  The projector was the main reason I bought it, so I was willing to look past the annoying chirping.  The projector stays on for maybe 1 minute. Can you really call it a projector if it doesn’t actually do it?  This has been my most annoying baby item, by far. Do not make the same mistake. Stick with the classic mobile.

VTech Baby Sleepy Lullabies Bear Projector, Pink


Thanks for letting me vent about the baby items I love and the ones I cannot stand.  Don’t make the same mistake I did, get the best items for your baby and skip all the frustration.

I look forward to hearing about your favorite and least favorite baby items!!

8 thoughts on “Best & Worst Baby Items

    1. Hey Jamie!!
      Thanks for checking out Three Babies under Two!! You will NOT be disappointed by this monitor, it’s truly the best!! I love it!! And the mobile is an all time favorite between my girls!!
      I look forward to hearing more from you soon. Let me know what you think of the monitor!!
      Bekah S

  1. We opted for the cheaper baby monitor without the video. Just the sound. I think I would have preferred to spend the money on the video one instead. Quality has a higher price tag.

    1. Hey Echo.
      Thanks for checking out three babies under two! I couldn’t agree with you MORE. I have one audio monitor I use when we travel. When we use it I end up sneaking in the room to check on the girls. I need to see them for peace of mind and a good night’s sleep!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.
      Bekah Smith

    1. Hiii April!
      Thanks for stopping by I agree with you, there are sooo many wonderful high chairs. I think as long as it’s comfortable, easy to clean and durable you are set!! I’ll keep the OXO tot in mind 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!!
      Bekah Smith

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