Does life with twins and a toddler get easier after the newborn phase?

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When I was pregnant with my twins I wanted so badly to know how long the survival period would last.  How long would I be going on little sleep, skipping showers to nap, going days without make up and wearing the same thing days in a row.  If I just knew how long it lasted I could plan for better, easier, more enjoyable days with the girls.  I had envisioned three months for the survival period to last.  If I could make it past the first 3 months I thought a magical fog of sleepless nights and fussy babies would lift and life would be much more enjoyable.


 Does life with newborn twins and a toddler get easier after the newborn phase?

In one word, No.


However, it helped me to believe things would get easier, and that the first three months would be the toughest.  It gave me a goal to reach, something to focus on when the days got rough.  Having that goal helped me survive and thrive during the first three months.  It gave me a confidence that I could be a stay-at-home mom with twins and a toddler (of course, my husband and family are a huge help!)   My girls reached three months and that fog didn’t lift.   I still had one twin that was/is high needs.  Both my girls were still waking for feedings multiple times a night. I was exhausted.

I think what changes at three months is your mindset.  You understand what it’s like raising twins, and the importance of help.  It truly takes a village. By three months you’ve learned to just go with the flow for whatever challenges the day may bring.

Each new developmental stage brings new challenges and new adventures for YOU and your babies!  With each stage we experienced more night-time fussiness, grumpy days and hungrier babies.  But after each stage was over we noticed a very slow change, the girls started sleeping longer at night.  It started with 4 hour increments and went to 6, then 8 hours!! They were sleeping 8 hours. It was wonderful. With the extra sleep came a change, they were much more active during the days and wanted constant mom interactions.

It’s a trade off, nights get easier but days are definitely longer.  It’s tough but it’s really fun too!  You have totally got this!


What do you moms think? Has life with multiple littles gotten easier? What are your tricks?

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