14 thoughts on “Why my 3 girls share a room and yours should too!

  1. Hey friend! Enjoyed reading this. We are about to give Charlotte the boot out of our room and into the room with Maddie but I’ve been unsure of how to transition her and nervous that her cries would wake Maddie. Hopefully she’ll be able to sleep through it as well!


    1. Hey Ingrid!! Thanks so much for checking out ThreeBabiesUnderTwo! I’m so happy to hear this article found you at the perfect time!! At first I ran in and got them as soon as they started crying. Now Belle is so used to it that she sleeps through it. The sound machines help tremendously too! I hope this is helpful. Let me know how the transition goes!!
      Thanks again friend!

  2. Great tips. With the strategy that you’ve got going I can totally see how this works. My older two shared a room to help my first daughter transition to sleeping on her own.

    1. Hi Toya! Thanks for checking out Threebabiesundertwo! I appreciate your kind words. That is really awesome that your older kids helped your daughter transition to sleeping on her own. It’s so wonderful seeing siblings help each other!
      Check back soon for more articles! I loved your insight!

  3. Awesome article and perspective. I “room shared” with my 3 sisters when I was little…. many moons ago. We never felt “crowded”. We just enjoyed each other’s company, and nighttime companionship. Today, as adults, we are very close.

    1. Heyy Sue!! Thanks for checking out ThreeBabiesUnderTwo! I love hearing about your personal experience with room sharing!! I love hearing it worked out so well and y’all are close now! Check back soon for new articles!
      Bekah! 🙂

    1. Good Morning! Thanks for checking out ThreeBabiesUnderTwo.com! I completely agree room sharing has so many wonderful benefits! We haven’t had any negative experiences with it yet!
      Thanks again for checking us out.
      Bekah 🙂

  4. We still room share with our toddler, but once we add to our family and they are a little older, there will definitely be room sharing going on amongst the siblings!

    1. Hello Rheagan! Thanks for checking out ThreeBabiesUnderTwo.com. I love that you room share with your toddler, it’s great for bonding!! Room sharing has been a wonderful experience for our family! I love hearing other families experiences with it!

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks for checking out ThreeBabiesUnderTwo.com! I love hearing other families room sharing, I agree it’s been a wonderful bonding experience for our girls!! Room sharing for the win!
      Thanks for checking us out!
      Bekah 🙂

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