That’s snot gross now that I have babies!

Hello Everybody!!

This morning has started like most do, with straight chaos.  My middle child, we call her Lou, absolutely refuses to lay still during diaper changes.  She had a monster sized poop, and I took on the challenge.  Disaster followed.

Poop was everywhere.

That got me thinking about all the disgusting things we deal with on a daily basis and don’t bat an eyelash at, but would have been DISGUSTING before kids! So, let’s make a list of all the gross stuff!! 

I’ll need YOUR help!

I’m putting these in the order of most disgusting to least.  Let’s be real, they’re all gross!

  • SNOT!  This has always topped my list.  I used to babysit and if that poor child had a runny nose I was gagging just blowing their nose!!  So much has changed, now I pick boogers out of my little girls noses, because sometimes the Nose Frida just doesn’t cut it!  My how the tables have turned.  Snot is still the worst. Even though most days I find it hidden somewhere on my outfit.


  • POOP  For most this would number 1, and I wasn’t just being funny. (Get it?  Poop, Number 2!)  Most of my terrible, messy, no-good day stories begin with a disgusting, stick to everything, smelly, smelly poop changing that goes south quickly!  Each of my girls are obedient until it comes to diaper changes.  They don’t agree on much but they each find joy in their heart when they escape a diaper change.  I’m just glad I can give them that little joy. (sarcastic tone.)


  • STICKERS  This one is probably a surprise to most.  There are few things I hate worse than having a wad sticker stick to my foot. Oh wait! I hate having stickers stuck to EVERYTHING I own.  I bought books of 500 stickers (WHY?! Did I think this was a “fun activity”?)  This must have been before I realized the evil of stickers!!  My oldest daughter tries relentlessly to give her little sisters bunched up stickers.  Choking hazard, much?!!   I have packed away the stickers until little sisters aren’t at risk.  Then I’ll reintroduce them. Maybe.

This list could go on and on…

Now, I want to hear from YOU!! 

What is something that used to gross you out but now is just an everyday occurrence or the opposite!!

Please share your hilarious, gross stories too!!  I’d LOVE to hear them!


Thanks for joining!


2 thoughts on “That’s snot gross now that I have babies!

  1. Well my child is potty trained and older but still doesn’t wipe that great all the time. So, I hate his racing stripes. 🙂

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