Secrets to Surviving the 1st Year with Three Under Two!

Hey Mommas,

In this post I’m going to cover the secrets to surviving the first year with three babies under two! I’m here to tell you it’s possible to not only survive the first year but  ENJOY it!  In this list are the secrets I’ve learned throughout this year of constant change to maintain sanity!!


  • Lowering your Expectations.  Things aren’t going to be perfect in this first year, hell some days you are just surviving! And that’s okay!   This is a challenging time!  You are doing something most will NEVER do and YOU’VE GOT THIS!  When I lowered my expectations from things being orderly and “perfect” my mindset changed.  I wasn’t as concerned with presenting a tidy home or self all of the time.  It freed up a lot of mental stress I was creating for myself.   You should try it!!


  • Include your toddler!  This one can be tricky.  When you have three babies under two its ALWAYS a juggling act.  I try to include my toddler Elle in a few baby activities each day, like bathing or feeding sisters.  Sometimes it goes AMAZING and I think I’ve got it all figured out.  Then 2 minutes later she’s laying across baby sister.  Thank you reality!   We’re all flying by the seat of our pants and have no idea.  Take each day as it comes and just try to enjoy the snuggles.


  • Think outside the box!   Get creative Momma!  Your life can be challenging, figure out some  hacks that work for YOU!!   After the twins were born I had to rig step stools to safely get my toddler out of her crib without doing any heavy lifting.   And it worked!    When you find something that worked for you, PLEASE SHARE!!  Let’s do this twin mom thing TOGETHER!


  • Family play time.  A family that plays together, gets tired together!!  One of our favorite games is called Roll Over (named by my 2 year old, because she’s obsessed with the roll it up hand gesture).   We just crawl through the house either chasing little sisters or being chased.    All my girls love it!   Everyone is laughing about a minute in, just silly fun!


  • NEVER turn away help.  ANY help is appreciated (by a trusted source, of course.  NOT the creepy guy at Walmart that wants to hold your baby!) If you can grocery shop alone, or take a cat nap that is a GAME CHANGER!  Take advantage of it. Save the mom guilt for later!  You can always leave a detailed list of what needs to be done while you’re gone, but leave, get a coffee!


  • Be confident in your choices.   YOU are the very best momma for your baby!  Be confident in your choices!  But If you aren’t feeling confident about a decision research it.  Become an expert on what’s best for your child!

Please leave a comment about what was helpful for you, or what you’d be interested to hear more about. 

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