Tips to make it past survival mode

Hey, I’m Bekah!

I’m a stay at home mom of 3 adventurous girls, 2 and under. My oldest daughter, Belle, was 21 months old when my twins were born, hence the name Three Babies Under Two.. I have considered the first year after having twins my survival mode.  We are doing whatever we need to just to survive. Our expectations are incredibly low and we are just getting by, at the end of this period things are getting better! I want to share some tips to make your period of survival mode totally doable!!

All through my twin pregnancy I searched and searched for any blogs or sites about having 3 babies under two.   I found ONE site!  ONE. SITE. This scared me even more!! If no one was writing about it, then either it didn’t exist or it was TERRIBLE!
I’m here to tell you it DOES exist, and it’s a TERRIFIC life!


Simple Tips to Happily Raise Multiples & Survive The Toughest Stages :


  • Find your support system.  A support system is a key factor in making it through survival mode!!  Whether your support system is family, friends, or your neighbors, you will need a trusted person ( or a couple!) to help from time to time.  Your husband is a wonderful support but he’s not “helping”, he’s being a dad! You will BOTH need a break, maybe even a date night from time to time!!


  • Join a couple of twin or multiples groups on Facebook.    To make your survival mode more bearable you’ll want people to ask all your random pregnancy questions to, once you have the babies you’ll have a million more questions too.  You are not in this alone, and sometimes just talking or venting to strangers helps!   I just LOVE hearing other mommas stories, everyone sharing and best of all moms encouraging each other!   Go join one NOW.  I’ll wait.


  • Take time for YOU!   This one can be very difficult, there’s this thing called Mom Guilt. It tells us we can’t take any time for ourselves once we have babies.  I’m here to tell you it’s bogus, fight the mom guilt and enjoy some quiet time for yourself!!  To make it past survival mode you must make some time for you!Even if it’s just a shower while the babies fuss, do something to feel normal EVERYDAY!   It makes a difference in your mindset and helps maintain some sanity.


Comment below and tell me what has helped you!!   I look forward to hearing from you, Us moms have to stick together!!

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