Hello & Welcome!

You’re most likely visiting because, like me, you thought having babies close together was a great idea. You may have planned for the newest addition, or been blindsided by an accident!   Either way, Here we are!!

Shortly after our daughter turned 1 we found out we were expecting our second child and we were thrilled!!  We had one child and rolled with the punches of parenthood pretty well.   We thought another would be no different!  Then at 18 weeks into the pregnancy we found out it was TWINS!  This changed everything.

The rest of the pregnancy was filled with anxiety and stress about what the future would hold.  How could we make this work?  Would I need to quit my job to keep the girls?  Would we need to buy a new car?  Could we all fit in our 2 bedroom home?  That doesn’t even touch on the regular anxieties I have through a pregnancy.  Although the extra doctors appointments and ultrasounds helped ease the anxieties of the pregnancy, it didn’t help financially.  Those ultrasounds and appointments were expensive!

In this blog I’d like to get real with you about the struggles, the exhaustion, and the joys, and there is so much joy in raising three babies under two!  Surprisingly, it’s possible for life to continue “normally” with Three Babies Under Two.  It’s just a new louder, messier normal.

I’d LOVE to share my experiences & tips on how to thrive in the chaos!